Convincing through performance

We have been advising our clients, supporting and helping them whenever and wherever possible for over 30 years, and we do this using state-of-the-art technology and current knowledge.


Over 30 years ago, our firm was founded by Thomas Löwe, a certified businessman, tax consultant and sworn auditor. The team was further strengthened by the addition of Diplom-Kaufmann tax advisor Norbert Weller, who moved from the tax department of the fifth largest auditing company. Finally, in 2018, tax advisor Sebastian Wolski, Master of Science, joined us, completing our team of professionals for the time being.
Our tax advisors are supported by numerous tax assistants, tax assistants, trainees and joint honours students as well as office management assistants. Special attention is paid not only to education – all of them have learned their trade from scratch (there are no lateral entrants at our company) – but also to continuous training and development.
All specialists and executives are kept up to date several times a year on the latest developments in general tax law as well as in their respective areas of specialisation through training courses offered by leading providers.
In light of the extremely high frequency of changes in case law and legislation, which is indispensable for providing a consistently high-quality service.
We provide these services in a wide variety of forms: from income tax returns to VAT assessments of multilateral service relationships in international corporate groups. We know what we can and cannot do. If specialist knowledge is required that we do not have ourselves, we have an extensive network of external specialists that we can call upon. This ensures the usual very high quality of work and keeps costs low, as the experts do not have to be retained permanently.

Regardless of the type of support we offer you in a specific case, you can be sure that your wishes, concerns and needs are in the best hands with us. Your satisfaction is our goal.









Financial accounting

Financial accounting maps out business transactions and thus provides the data basis for controlling, business management consulting, annual financial statements, tax returns, audits and much more. Accordingly, it is important that the quality of this much-used foundation is high. For controlling companies, however, high availability of data in terms of time and location is also important. For technical implementation, we use all the capabilities of the undisputed market leader, Datev eG, and its interfaceswith upstream systems.

Payroll accounting

Payroll accounting must take into account a multitude of fast-moving quirks of payroll tax law and social security law in the relationship between companies and employees. There is an urgent need for reliable, accurate payroll accounting due large numbers of employees and payrolls within a given audit period, as well as to maintain the relationship of trust between the workforce and the company, which incorrect payrolls can greatly impact.

Business management consultancy Beratung

Tax optimisation can have profound effects, but as a rule it should not be the primary or sole decision criterion. Above all, a project should also be financially viable. We will examine this together with you and consider what could be done differently, if necessary.

Annual financial statement

Bookkeeping is reflected in the annual financial statement. This provides the entrepreneur, their customers and suppliers, their bank, but also the tax authorities and other addressees with information about the company's assets, finances and profits. It is the starting point for building mutual trust.

Declaration consultancy

The values derived from bookkeeping and annual financial statements, which are conservative by nature, are prepared and processed for tax purposes. Detailed specialist knowledge ensures legally compliant declarations and in some cases allows for considerable tax savings - for companies and private individuals.

Accompanying tax audits

Tax authorities regularly verify the accuracy of the declared information through tax audits. In the course of these audits, there are always complaints that need to be resolved if tax back payments, interest on arrears, fines or even criminal proceedings are to be avoided. A broad and in-depth knowledge of commercial, tax and corporate law is essential.

Transaction and structuring consulting

Unfavourable conditions can result in significant disadvantages. Holistic optimisation of processes and structures mitigates this preventively or acutely.

Company succession

There is a right time for everything. Actively steer and exert influence, create unity and achieve your aim together.

Asset succession

Preserve values, material and interpersonal - we will support you with both.


We not only support companies of different legal forms with their respective particularities, but also a wide range of industries. This currently comprises the following industries in particular.
  • Architects
  • Doctors
  • Tree nurseries
  • Construction companies
  • Designers
  • Retail
  • Energy companies
  • Gastronomy
  • Graphic designers
  • Wholesale
  • Craft enterprises
  • Holdings
  • Hotels
  • Property companies
  • Engineers
  • Interior designers
  • Insolvency administrators
  • IT companies
  • Business people
  • Cinemas
  • Artists
  • Market research companies
  • Notaries
  • Personnel agencies
  • Physiotherapists
  • Psychotherapists
  • Lawyers
  • Forwarding agencies
  • Steel construction companies
  • Veterinarians
  • Management consultancies
  • Publishers
  • Asset management companies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Dentists
  • Dental laboratories


Do you enjoy your work and want responsibility, a young team, modern technology (we’re not talking about dual screens here), performance-related pay and flexitime? Send us your CV and come by for a coffee – we look forward to meeting you!


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